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Why Pitapat?

This is your local marketplace for buying and selling pre-loved baby and children's items with ease. Pitapat is here to help you find local bargains and to give pre-loved items a second chance at bringing happiness into a child's life. Here are Pitapat's main benefits in a nutshell

  • Made by parents

    Pitapat is made by two parents who understand what is important when buying and selling pre-loved kids stuff

  • Simple and Easy

    Pitapat is designed to be quick and easy to use. You'll be buying and selling seconds after installing!

  • Buy and Sell Locally

    Pitapat is location aware and has the flexibility to buy and sell in your neighbourhood or nationwide

  • Excellent Support

    Excellent customer support provided direct from within the Pitapat app. We pride ourselves on answering your queries as soon as we can.

  • Completely Free

    Pitapat is and always will be completely free. Free to sign up, free to advertise and free to sell

  • Safe and Secure

    All your details are safe with Pitapat thanks to the latest cloud technologies and our unique in-app messaging service


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